Production 2022


Ecua America Teak (EAT) – US$ 3 mln Debt 

EAT is an Ecuadorian forestry company with a total land bank of 1,085 ha that includes 869 ha of planted high-quality teak and a processing sawmill facility. EAT intends to expand its existing plantation by another 500 ha, to upgrade its sawmill, and to acquire new machinery and equipment within the next years. Together with another US$ 3 mln debt investment from FMO, MFF’s financing will make the planned expansion possible, and support the development of a more sustainable teak sector in Ecuador. EAT is an investee company of Arbaro Fund, which is a fund focused on sustainable forestry projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Treevive – US$ 2.5 mln Development Contribution (Debt) 

The investment in Treevive was made through MFF’s Development Contribution facility. Treevive aims to create a Carbon Development Platform (CDP) that advises, structures, finances, and accelerates carbon projects arising from growing interest in Natural Climate Solutions (NCS). Treevive aims to close the gap between tropical forest landscape projects in need of financial solutions and investors that seek high-quality. The company will support project owners with both funding and technical assistance to accelerate the development of the carbon asset of their project.