Mobilising Finance for Forests 2023

Annual report

Mobilising Finance for Forests (MFF) was established in 2021 by the United Kingdom government and FMO as a blended finance investment programme to combat deforestation and other environmentally unsustainable land use practices contributing to global climate change. 

Unlocking private sector investment into the forestry and sustainable land use sectors to protect forests and combat climate change.

The programme aims to accelerate private investments in the forestry and sustainable land use sectors, such as to combat deforestation and other unsustainable land use practices that contribute to climate change.

In 2023, the programme was expanded to £152 million, with an additional £2 million commitment from the UK Government. 

This year we focused on expanding the MFF portfolio and pipeline. Field visits to challenging MFF target countries fed into the further development of the programme's pipeline and provided insight into elements affecting the forestry sector in these countries.