FMO is very proud to be presenting the first annual report for Mobilising Finance for Forest (MFF).

The programme was officially launched in February of 2021 with a £150 million commitment from the UK government. 

Much of the year has been spent in operationalising and integrating the programme within FMO; in close co-operation with Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), we were successful in producing the Theory of Change model, agreeing on various reporting requirements and ICF KPI indicators.

The year also included an in-depth market study on who are the active players within the Forestry and Sustainable Land Use sectors which fed directly into the further development of the programme's pipeline.

Through BEIS, FMO was also invited to attend a panel discussion at the Global COP26 event, held in Glasgow. The event was clear on the urgency of climate action and how the various BEIS instruments contributed to the fight, under which MFF will play a important contribution. At the event, MFF was very proud to announce the programme's very first indirect investment into Stichting AndGreen Fund.

In November the FMO management team were hosted by BEIS in London for the first Semi-Annual meeting where various topics were discussed, such as Carbon Offsetting guidelines, programme scope and the findings of the market study.

We look forward to further developing the programme in 2022