FMO is very proud to be presenting the first annual report for Mobilising Finance for Forest (MFF).

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International principles

Our impact goes beyond our investments. To embrace our mission fully, we are committed to doing business in a responsible and sustainable way, guided by global standards and guidelines.

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Statement of financial position

At December 31, 2021 1

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Statement of changes in capital

At December 31, 20211

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Statement of comprehensive income

At December 31, 20211

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Summary of accounting policies

Mobilising Finance for Forests (MFF), the programme, is established by the UK Government in 2021 to support to combat deforestation and environmentally unsuitable land use practices.

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Notes to the annual accounts

The cash on bank accounts can be freely disposed of. The bank account is held by FMO on behalf of the programme.

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Statement of cash flows

At December 31, 20211

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Risk management

For FMO, acting in its role as Programme manager (hereafter ‘FMO’) to be able to carry out the programme’s strategy, it is essential to have an adequate risk management system in place to identify, measure, monitor and mitigate financial and non-

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